2020 Survey

Landward Research is undertaking Profiling the Profession 2020, a survey of archaeological employment in the UK, with the support of several funders, looking to gather information from the employers of all archaeologists across the entire UK, whether working in the private, public or third sectors, including museums and universities. This year we will add to the data from employers by asking individual archaeologists to provide information about themselves and their careers.

Profiling the Profession 2020 carries on from earlier projects that have been undertaken since 1998, gathering snapshots and drawing together trends across all of professional archaeology.

In preparation for answering the questionnaire, a copy of the full set of questions for organisations in PDF format can be downloaded HERE, while a copy of the full set of questions for individuals in PDF can be downloaded HERE.

Please select the survey you are responding to:

  • responding on behalf of an organisation including sole traders
  • individual archaeologists, whether employed, self-employed or unemployed
  • former archaeologists
  • archaeology students

Complimentary to Profiling the Profession, if you work in or have recently worked in British commercial archaeology, please consider also contributing to the Invisible Diggers survey at https://winchester.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/id3